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I'm still favouring Holden

Grave Secret (Secret McQueen, #5) - Sierra Dean

Aw man, I'm sorry to be right. I knew


(show spoiler)

time was nearing the end but it was still really sad. A very emotional scene. Poor Secret, I thought she was building up a nice circle of people she could count on but it seems to be diminishing.

Secret continues to grow as a character, thinking before she acts - which is a good thing considering this book centres on the fae. Kellen, Lucas's sister, has gone missing and the clues lead to the fae realm, so off Secret, Desmond, and Holden go to try and bargain her back. I really hated Kellen in this book for some reason. She just seemed selfish and spoilt.

We didn't have to see much of Lucas luckily. He wasn't really in it, but he gets weaker in every book. I think of other alphas from different series and they're all like "look funny at the pack, you die". Lucas just seems to be a politician. Where are his balls? He shouldn't have let Callum threaten him in the last book and he should have immediately taken care of another pack in his territory. Very weak.

I'm still favouring Holden even though I think Secret will be with Des in the end. I feel there will be some big reveals over Sig soon, perhaps for the worst. Anyway, got to wait a while for the next one, I don't know whether it'll be about Peyton yet, but I think it'll be more focused on the vamps.