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30 Day Book Challenge - Day 02

Day 02 - A book that you've read more than 3 times

This one is pretty tricky since I'm not a re-reader. Plus, if I do re-read, I tend to read my favourite scenes and skip the rest.


So I am going way back when I was in primary school. And well done if you've even heard of this book.


Crossing the Line - Samantha Alexander


Me and my sisters loved this book, as any self-respecting horse mad young girls would. I can't do it justice but from memory, it's about a girl at a racing yard, who wants to be a jockey (incidently, I loved another book called 'Miss Jump the Jockey' about a girl called Josie - me! - wanting to be a jockey so I'm sensing a theme here...). How many times I read this book, I could not say, only that we had it more than the library did.