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The crankshaft and crankcase got old fast

Happy Hour (Racing on the Edge, #1) - Shey Stahl

ETA: Just seen that not only was this pulled to publish (which I like to know in advance), the author has been caught plagiarising from Twilight fanfiction

*Note that I'd already given the book one star anyway*


In fact, it has been downgraded to a 1/2 star because this is BookLikes and I can do what I want.


DNF at around 73%


Really poor spelling and grammar.


I often felt like I was reading a car manual, especially at the start of each chapter. All the car sex talk was incredibly annoying - yeah, do it for one or two scenes but not the whole way through the book. The "crankshaft" (penis) and "crankcase" (vagina) got old fast.


Plus, the fact that Sway was more worried about her boyfriend than her Dad dying was just ridiculous. And the constant giggling made her seem like a 13 year old not the adult she was supposed to be.


And Jamieson? He was so spoilt - just because he could pay for the damage, that suddenly meant that he was allowed to trash everything just because he had a temper tantrum. He needed to grow up.