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There was a random Ian Beale reference

From Rags - Suzanne  Wright

There was a random Ian Beale reference which was kind of weird, completely irrelevant, but amused me.


I liked what the author tried to do with the heroine (give her some backbone and sense) but I heard waaaayyyy too much about how she's so beautiful and everyone loves her but she's so unaware of this blah blah blah...


Plus I like a straight talking girl but telling a police officer something about ripping off his bollocks was a bit much, and probably would be something you'd get arrested for. Talking of the police, the whole "let's not call the police about the break-in, harassment and attempt to do bodily harm, because it will be giving the stalker what he wants" - are you serious? Such a plot device to make sure she's kidnapped.


Another thing I couldn't understand was Connor not contacting her for 8 years. I don't think we ever got a believable answer to that.


Overall, everything was a bit unrealistic. The author has the potential to be great, IMO she needs a good editor to guide her and tighten everything up.