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Rainshadow Road - Lisa Kleypas



This is the second book that I've read quite recently by Lisa Kleypas that has left me a bit unsatisfied.


See, the other one, 'Blue-Eyed Devil', was built up for me as one of the best LK books. I looked forward to it with admittedly high (too high?) expectations and feel the problems I had with 'Blue-Eyed Devil' were present in 'Rainshadow Road'.


So to explain, the beginning half of the book builds up all of the character's problems (which are many). For example:


Blue-Eyed Devil

  • Heroine: rape, domestic abuse, divorce, father and abandonment issues
  • Hero: father issues, abused as a child


Rainshadow Road:

  • Heroine: cheated on, horrid sister, ex getting married, non-existent relationship with parents, weird secret magic
  • Hero: alcoholic parents, commitment issues, weird secret magic


I feel like there's too many issues to deal with for a 300 page book. This means that there's less development on the main characters and on building a romance. I didn't feel I really knew Sam (from 'Rainshadow Road') and the only reason I knew a little about Hardy (from 'Blue-Eyed Devil') was because I'd read 'Sugar Daddy' before, where half of the book was spent on Liberty at age fourteen crushing on Hardy.


In 'Blue-Eyed Devil', I think there was an important issue with Haven's father and his lack of input and concern for her. I found this played a crucial role in her life. I mean just because he didn't like Nick, is that a reason to have nothing to do with Haven? Perhaps if she wasn't so alone then the abuse would not have gone so far? I think this issue between father and daughter deserved more than the page that it got at the end, where not much was even resolved between them.


I thought this was exactly the same with Lucy and her sister in 'Rainshadow Road'. Her sister, Alice, was a big part of the book and even though I don't expect some unrealistic change, it was once again only a page at the end, with Alice feeling sorry for herself and them making up. Really?? Alice was a horrible, selfish person.


I do like the issues, I'd just like a bit more time spent resolving them and for it not to overshadow the romance and character's personalities.


Having said all that, I will still no doubt always read anything LK writes.