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She should've punched him in the face

Forgiven - Jana Oliver

Beck's attitude really pissed me off.

He has irritated me throughout the series but he went to another level in this book.


!!!!**Why on earth was Riley apologizing?**!!!!


It's not like she knew the truth about Ori before she slept with him. So what, at the age of 17 she had sex with a guy who she thought she loved. Yeah what a slut she is *rolls eyes*.


Beck and his stupid double standards! In this book, he sleeps with that suspicious reporter, and mentions two other girls he's shagged, and he's all judgemental about Riley. And that scene when he's saying he wants "respect" for all that he's done for her - how is sleeping with another guy "disrespectful" to him? Beck, who has never made it clear that he wants to be with her, and has even blown her off quite a few times?


She shouldn't have said sorry. She should've punched him in the face.